Lights, Lanterns, and More: Things To Do in Hoi An at Night

Experience the magic of Hoi An after dark with our guide to the best things to do in Hoi An at night. Discover its vibrant nightlife and cultural delights

Are you looking for a break from the mundane routine of your daily life? Do you feel an urge to explore new places and cultures under the cover of night? Hoi An, a small town in Vietnam that once served as a major port, is the perfect destination for you. With its quaint streets adorned with lanterns and traditional architecture, Hoi An comes alive at night, offering numerous activities for you to enjoy.

From taking a stroll along the riverside to attending traditional night performances or cooking classes, there’s something for everyone in Hoi An. Whether you prefer exploring on foot or by bicycle, soaking up local culture, or drinking cocktails at rooftop bars, this charming town has it all. So pack your bags, leave behind your worries, and join us for an unforgettable adventure in Hoi An at night!

Take a Stroll Along the Riverside

Take a leisurely walk along the calm and serene riverside, feeling the gentle breeze on your face and listening to the soothing sounds of water lapping against the shore. As you stroll along this picturesque riverbank, take in the stunning Riverside architecture that surrounds you. The quaint bridges, colorful buildings, and ancient temples are all illuminated beautifully at night, making it an ideal spot for some nighttime photography.

Not only is this area perfect for taking beautiful pictures but also for experiencing Hoi An‘s vibrant nightlife scene. You’ll find plenty of vendors selling local street food and souvenirs as well as musical performances happening throughout the night. So come and enjoy a peaceful evening strolling alongside Hoi An’s scenic riverbank!

Attend a Traditional Night Performance

Are you looking for a unique and exciting way to spend your evenings in Hoi An? Then attending a traditional night performance is the perfect choice for you! Watch as the city comes alive during the Lantern Festival, with colorful lanterns lighting up every corner. And don’t miss out on the chance to experience a water puppet show, where skilled performers bring ancient folktales to life right before your eyes. With these two incredible options, your nights in Hoi An are sure to be unforgettable!

Watch the Lantern Festival

Experience the magic of Hoi An‘s Lantern Festival as you immerse yourself in a sea of colorful lanterns and take in the enchanting atmosphere. This festival is held on the night of every full moon, where locals and tourists alike gather to celebrate with vibrant displays of light and sound. The streets are closed to traffic, and thousands of lanterns are set afloat on the river, creating a breathtaking sight that will leave you mesmerized.

The Lantern Festival is not just about admiring the stunning displays; it’s also an opportunity for you to participate in the festivities. You can attend a lantern-making workshop during the day to learn about the traditional art form and create your masterpiece. As night falls, join in the lantern parade through town, carrying your creation proudly while surrounded by others doing the same. This is an experience that truly captures the spirit of Hoi An and will stay with you long after you’ve left this magical place.

Enjoy a Water Puppet Show

You’ll love the mesmerizing water puppet show in Hoi An, where colorful puppets dance and glide across the water with grace and skill. Water puppetry has its origins in northern Vietnam, where farmers would entertain themselves during the monsoon season by performing shows on flooded rice paddies. The art form has evolved to become an important part of Vietnam’s cultural heritage.

The puppets are crafted using traditional techniques and are made from wood, lacquer, and paint. They are operated using long bamboo poles that disappear beneath the surface of the water. The performers stand behind a bamboo screen while manipulating the puppets, singing traditional songs, and playing music to create a lively atmosphere. It’s truly a unique experience that you won’t want to miss during your visit to Hoi An!

Visit the Night Market

For a lively and colorful evening, head to Hoi An’s night market. This bustling market is situated in the heart of the ancient town and is a perfect place to immerse yourself in local culture. The night market opens from 5 p.m. until late at night, so you can take your time exploring its many offerings.

One of the highlights of Hoi An’s night market is trying local delicacies. You’ll find food stalls selling everything from savory snacks like banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake) and mi quang (noodle soup with pork or shrimp), to sweet treats like che chuoi (banana tapioca pudding). Don’t be afraid to sample new dishes – it’s all part of the experience! And while you’re there, don’t forget to bargain for souvenirs. From lanterns and silk scarves to wooden carvings and pottery, there are plenty of unique items to take home as a memento of your trip. So put on your bargaining hat and get ready for an exciting evening at Hoi An’s night market!


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Take a Boat Ride on the Thu Bon River

Are you ready for a unique and breathtaking experience in Hoi An? Then hop on a boat and take a ride down the Thu Bon River! Not only will you see the town from an entirely different perspective, but you’ll also get to soak up the charming nighttime atmosphere. Imagine floating along the river, watching the twinkling lights dance across the water as you’re serenaded by traditional music – it’s truly a magical way to spend an evening in Hoi An.

See the Town from a Different Perspective

Experiencing Hoi An’s charm in the evening can be heightened by taking a stroll and admiring the town from an alternative vantage point. Instead of simply walking on the streets, why not climb up to one of the town’s rooftops? Many restaurants and bars offer rooftop views where you can enjoy a drink while watching the sunset. You’ll get a different perspective of Hoi An’s beautiful scenery, including its ancient buildings, lanterns, and the Thu Bon River.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can even try rooftop yoga! It may sound daunting at first, but it’s quite relaxing to practice yoga under the stars with a panoramic view of Hoi An. Some hotels offer this unique experience for their guests or you can find classes through local studios. Imagine stretching your body while taking in breathtaking views – there’s no better way to unwind after a long day exploring Hoi An!

Enjoy the Nighttime Atmosphere

Immerse yourself in the vibrant and electric ambiance of Hoi An’s nightlife, with its bustling markets, lively bars and restaurants, and enchanting lantern-lit streets. As the sun sets over this ancient town, the atmosphere changes from a sleepy old-world charm to an energetic buzz that will keep you going all night long.

If you’re looking for some nighttime activities to do in Hoi An, here are three things you must try:

  • Nighttime photography: With its colorful lanterns hanging from every corner and charming architecture, Hoi An is a photographer’s paradise at night. Take your camera out and capture the stunning beauty of this city.
  • Nighttime street food: Indulge in some of Vietnam’s best street food offerings as you wander through the bustling streets of Hoi An after dark. Try local favorites like banh mi or pho while enjoying the lively atmosphere.
  • Live music performances: From traditional Vietnamese folk music to international pop hits, there is something for everyone when it comes to live music in Hoi An. Catch a performance at one of the many bars or restaurants that offer live entertainment throughout the night.

Soak up all that Hoi An has to offer at night by experiencing these exciting activities. Let loose and feel free as you explore all that this vibrant city has to offer after dark!

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Visit the Japanese Covered Bridge

When you visit Hoi An, don’t miss out on the opportunity to see the iconic Japanese Covered Bridge illuminated at night. This beautiful bridge dates back to the 16th century and is an important symbol of Hoi An’s rich history and cultural heritage. Take some time to learn about the fascinating history behind this landmark as you marvel at its stunning architecture under the glow of the evening lights.

See the Bridge Illuminated at Night

You don’t want to miss the breathtaking sight of Hoi An’s iconic bridge lit up against the night sky. The Japanese Covered Bridge, also known as Cau Chua Pagoda, is a historic landmark that becomes even more stunning when it’s illuminated at night. Here are some tips to make the most out of your visit:

  • Capture the perfect photo: With its bright colors and intricate design, the Japanese Covered Bridge is a popular spot for photography enthusiasts. To get the best shot, use a tripod and experiment with different settings on your camera.
  • Find the best viewing spots: Although you can see the bridge from many different angles, certain areas provide a better view. Try standing on one of the bridges along the Hoai River or walking down Nguyen Thai Hoc Street for an unobstructed view.
  • Enjoy a romantic stroll: If you’re looking for a peaceful evening activity, take a leisurely walk along Hoai River while admiring the illuminated bridge. This is an ideal way to experience Hoi An’s charm and beauty at night.

Don’t forget to add “See the Bridge Illuminated at Night” to your list of things to do in Hoi An! It’s an unforgettable experience that combines history, culture, and natural beauty into one magical moment.

Learn About the History of Hoi An

Get ready to discover the rich history of Hoi An! If you’re looking for something to do at night, why not explore the ancient ruins and visit museums that showcase the city’s past? Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which means it has a lot of cultural and historical significance. By exploring these sites, you’ll get a glimpse into what life was like in Hoi An centuries ago.

One museum worth visiting is the Museum of Trade Ceramics. This museum showcases how ceramics played an important role in trade between Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia during the 15th to 19th centuries. You can see pottery from different regions on display, along with tools used by artisans to create them. Another great place to learn about Hoi An’s history is the Old House of Tan Ky. This house has been preserved since it was built over 200 years ago and serves as an example of traditional Vietnamese architecture. Exploring these sites will not only give you insight into Hoi An’s past but also make for a fascinating evening activity.

Attend a Cooking Class

Are you ready to take your culinary skills up a notch? Why not attend a cooking class in Hoi An and learn how to prepare traditional Vietnamese dishes? Not only will you get hands-on experience, but you’ll also enjoy a delicious meal at the end. So roll up your sleeves, put on an apron, and get ready for a fun and flavorful adventure!

Learn to Cook Traditional Vietnamese Dishes

Immerse yourself in the rich culinary heritage of Vietnam by mastering traditional dishes with a cooking class in Hoi An. With its abundance of fresh ingredients and unique culinary techniques, Vietnamese cuisine is sure to tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your desire for adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a beginner, there’s no better way to experience the local culture than by learning how to prepare classic Vietnamese dishes.

Here are five reasons why taking a cooking class in Hoi An should be on your bucket list:

  • Experience authentic Vietnamese cuisine: From pho to banh mi, learn how to make some of the most popular dishes in Vietnam.
  • Learn about ingredient sourcing: Discover the importance of using fresh ingredients and learn where locals source their produce.
  • Develop new culinary techniques: Master traditional techniques like stir-frying, braising, and steaming that make Vietnamese cuisine unique.
  • Meet new people: Cooking classes are an excellent way to meet fellow travelers who share your passion for food.
  • Take home valuable skills: Impress your friends and family back home with newfound knowledge of this vibrant cuisine.

Enjoy a Delicious Meal

Savor the mouth-watering flavors of Vietnam as you indulge in a delicious meal, immersing yourself in the vibrant culinary scene of Hoi An. This charming city is renowned for its local specialties, which are made using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. From street food vendors to fine dining options, there’s no shortage of places to grab a bite in Hoi An.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable dining experience, head to one of the many restaurants that offer Vietnamese cuisine with a modern twist. Here, you can enjoy dishes like caramelized pork belly or crispy spring rolls paired with locally sourced wine or craft beer. Whether you’re a foodie or just looking for something tasty to eat, Hoi An will not disappoint. So go ahead and try some local specialties – your taste buds will thank you!

Visit a Rooftop Bar

Looking for a great way to experience Hoi An’s nightlife scene? Why not head up to one of the city’s rooftop bars? With stunning views of the surrounding area, these bars offer the perfect spot to enjoy a drink and take in the sights. So grab your friends, order your favorite cocktail, and soak up the atmosphere at one of Hoi An’s coolest spots!

Enjoy a Drink with a View

Take in the stunning scenery of Hoi An at night while sipping on a refreshing drink and relaxing with friends. One of the best ways to do this is by enjoying a drink with a view. There are several rooftop bars in Hoi An that offer breathtaking views of the city skyline, river, and surrounding countryside.

Sip cocktails as you watch the sunset over Hoi An’s ancient town or admire the colorful lanterns floating on the Thu Bon River. Many rooftop bars also have live music or DJs playing upbeat tunes to keep you entertained throughout the evening. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the best views that Hoi An has to offer while you sip on your favorite drink.

Experience the Nightlife Scene

If you’re up for some fun after dark, immerse yourself in Hoi An’s vibrant nightlife scene. This charming town comes alive at night with a variety of entertainment options that cater to all tastes and budgets. Whether you want to dance the night away or simply relax with a drink in hand while enjoying live music, Hoi An has something for everyone.

To make the most of your evening out, check out some of the top bars in town. The Purple Lantern Cocktail Bar is a popular choice for its laid-back atmosphere and creative cocktails. Meanwhile, if you’re into craft beer, head to 3 Dragons Brewery for a taste of their unique brews. And if you’re looking for a more upscale experience, try Q Bar – known for its stunning rooftop views and delicious cocktails. Don’t forget to bring your camera as Hoi An’s nighttime photography opportunities are not to be missed!

Take a Bicycle Tour

Hey, you! Looking for a fun way to explore Hoi An at night? Why not hop on a bicycle and take a tour around town? Not only will you get some exercise, but you’ll also have the chance to learn about Hoi An’s rich culture and history from a knowledgeable guide. So grab your helmet and let’s hit the road!

Explore the Town at Night

Experience the charm of Hoi An when the sun sets by strolling around and discovering its illuminated streets and beautiful architecture. As you walk around, be sure to check out the lantern-lit roads and bridges that adorn this ancient town. The lanterns create a unique atmosphere that is perfect for leisurely walks or romantic dates.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try taking a ghost tour at night! You’ll get to explore some of Hoi An’s haunted spots while learning about local legends and superstitions. Alternatively, indulge in Hoi An’s street food scene as many vendors set up shop after dark. Sample everything from banh mi to fried wontons and satisfy your cravings with delicious local flavors. With so much to do in Hoi An at night, you’ll never be bored!

Learn About Hoi An’s Culture and History

Now that you’ve explored the town at night, it’s time to delve deeper into Hoi An’s cultural heritage and historical significance. There are a few ways to do this, depending on your interests and preferences.

One option is to visit the Hoi An Museum of History and Culture. Here, you’ll find exhibits that showcase the city’s rich history, from its beginnings as a bustling trading port to its current status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also learn about the various cultures that have influenced Hoi An over the years, including Chinese, Japanese, and European influences. The museum is open until 9 pm every night, so it’s a great way to spend an evening in Hoi An.

Another way to discover Hoi An’s cultural heritage is by taking a lantern-making class or attending a traditional music performance. These activities not only allow you to learn about local customs and traditions but also give you an opportunity to interact with locals who are passionate about preserving their city’s culture. Whatever your interest may be, there are plenty of ways to explore Hoi An’s rich history at night.

Things To Do In Hoi An At Night Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any nightclubs or bars with live music in Hoi An?

Looking for a vibrant nightlife scene in Hoi An? You’re in luck! The city has plenty of music venues and bars with live music that will keep you entertained all night long. From cozy bars to lively nightclubs, there’s something for everyone here. Whether you want to dance the night away or relax with a drink while listening to some soulful tunes, Hoi An has got you covered. So put on your dancing shoes and head out into the city’s buzzing nightlife scene – you won’t be disappointed!

What time do the night markets typically close?

Looking for the best night time activities in Hoi An? One of the top attractions is definitely the night market, with its bustling atmosphere and endless rows of vendors selling everything from local handicrafts to delicious street food. But what time do the night markets typically close? Well, it really depends on which market you’re visiting – some stay open late into the night while others start winding down around 10pm. Either way, be sure to arrive early to get the full experience and don’t forget to haggle for a good deal! So if you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to spend your evenings in Hoi An, make sure to check out one of its many vibrant night markets.

Can you recommend any local street food vendors open at night in Hoi An?

Looking for a tasty and authentic Hoi An experience? Then you need to go on a nighttime food crawl! There are plenty of local delicacies to try, from banh mi sandwiches to cao lau noodles. But where should you start? One great option is the street food stalls along Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, which offer everything from savory grilled meats to sweet desserts like coconut pancakes. Another must-visit spot is the Hoi An Night Market, which features dozens of vendors selling everything from fresh seafood to crispy fried wontons. No matter where you go, make sure to bring an empty stomach and a sense of adventure!

Is it safe to walk around Hoi An at night?

When it comes to night safety in Hoi An, it’s important to be aware of local customs and take precautions. While this charming city is generally safe for tourists, there are still some risks when venturing out after dark. Stick to well-lit areas and avoid walking alone, especially if you’re a solo female traveler. It’s also recommended that you dress modestly and respect the local culture by not drinking excessively or engaging in rowdy behavior. By taking these simple steps and being aware of your surroundings, you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Hoi An while staying safe and respectful at the same time.

Are there any ghost tours or haunted places to visit in Hoi An at night?

Looking for ghostly encounters and supernatural tales in Hoi An at night? You’re in luck! This historic town is known for its rich cultural heritage, but it also has a darker side that’s worth exploring. From haunted temples to spooky alleyways, there are plenty of places where you can experience the supernatural in Hoi An. Take a ghost tour and visit some of the most haunted spots, hear chilling stories from local guides and maybe even have your own paranormal encounter. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these tours are sure to give you goosebumps and leave you with unforgettable memories of this enchanting town after dark.


So there you have it – a list of things to do in Hoi An at night that will keep you entertained and engaged throughout your stay. From strolling along the riverside and taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of this enchanting city to attending traditional night performances and visiting the Japanese Covered Bridge, there is something for everyone here.

Whether you are looking for a fun night out with friends or family or seeking some quiet time alone to reflect on your travels, Hoi An has plenty of options to suit your needs. So why not make the most of your visit by trying out some of these activities? You never know what kind of memories you might create!

Oh, you cannot miss out on the exhilarating journey that awaits you in Vietnam! Trust me, and it’s an adventure you won’t soon forget. Book a tour with us to ensure you don’t miss a stunning moment of this unforgettable experience. But hey, if you’re feeling bold and ready to plan your adventure, we’ve got you covered! Head to our website to devour our insider tips and map your dream trip. Don’t wait any longer. Dive into the mesmerizing natural beauty and fascinating cultural experiences that Vietnam offers – book the tour or start planning your trip today!

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