We accept payment from customers through a secure payment Stripe and PayPal.

Receive Payment

We require customers to pay in advance 50% deposit or 100% of the order amount.

We accept all major credit cards and payments made through Stripe or PayPal. Payment must be made before shipment. 

How To Pay By Stripe, And Why We Use Stripe

Paying with Stripe is fast, secure and convenient. All you need to do is link your preferred payment method such as a credit or debit card, or even an e-wallet such as ApplePay, to your Stripe account. This allows for quick payments with just a few simple steps. With Stripe, you don’t have to worry about safety as all payments are encrypted and processed with the highest level of security available. What’s more, Stripe accepts major currencies from around the world and provides hassle-free online payment processing for both customers and businesses alike. We suggest using Stripe because it offers unbeatable convenience and protection for your financial transactions

How To Pay With PayPal?

The Reasons Why We Suggest You Use PayPal: